Jeff Melchert

Post Falls

Windermere/Coeur d' Alene Realty Inc

1616 E. Seltice Way

Post Falls, ID 83854

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Occupation prior to joining Windermere Real Estate.

I have been a builder in the North West since 1995. I have built homes in Coeur d' Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, Rathdrum, Spirit Lake, Athol, Bonner County, Harrison, Worley, City of Spokane, South Hill, North side, and Nine mile.. I specialized on Lake CDA and the Spokane rive water front custom homes from 2000 to 2007. With that comes experience. I feel I have a keen sense of what property is worth and the best use for what the property might be used for. I have managed property for 26+ years, and currently manage my own properties, as well as managing property for others.

What aspects of that career did you enjoy?

I enjoyed creating homes for people to live in. I would always take pictures before the home was built and put it in the file when the house was complete. This gave me much satisfaction, creating a place that will be here for future generations on earth, long past the time I will be residing here. I truly believe that the long lasting friendships and relationships with the homeowners that I developed by building their home, is what I really enjoy the most.

Why I decided to become a realtor?

I enjoy helping people, I have always been a people person. I loved building homes, and loved the relationship part. My father passed away last year, his piece of advice to me was do what you enjoy and get paid for doing it, he also advised me to slow down. I was in some shape or form of the building industry for over 25 years, I understand it, and know now is the time for me to move to a different aspect of real estate. the contract and relationship side.
The other reason is I understand passive income and see the huge advantage over earned income that it provides for individuals. I will be earning earned income while becoming a realtor, but my plan, and goal is to help as many individuals, couples, families etc... purchase and maintain passive income as I can.

Why Widermere

I have done business with a lot of different people, and realtors building 200+ homes in the area. I believe Windermere is a top notch real real estate company. I mean come on, every commission earned a portion is donated. "I am all in with that team!"